I'm kind of a multifandomer crazy chick who specializes in fangirling over hawt kpop male idol groups.
I also like cute things and cupcakes and sparkles and shoes :D

April 16 2014, 10pm ...6 hours ago

Buying EXO’s Overdose Album


So I am going to preorder EXO’s new mini album. However, I’m stuck on where to buy it from. Does anyone know a place that is reasonable and reliable (for shipping to the USA)? I know that kpopmart and kpoptown are the two I commonly came across. Please respond or message me if you have any past purchases or even which one you prefer.

eBay from grapemusiccd!

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April 16 2014, 10am ...19 hours ago

Women according to Hyorin

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April 16 2014, 10am ...19 hours ago

actor jung ilhoon

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April 15 2014, 9pm ...1 day ago


and then there’s baekhyun


April 15 2014, 7pm ...1 day ago

One of the best Ontae fancams I’ve seen

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April 15 2014, 8am ...1 day ago

rabin in taiwan

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April 13 2014, 10pm ...3 days ago


I love South Korean cosmetics!!! <3 

Irresistibly kyuuuute!

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April 11 2014, 8am ...5 days ago

Ken’s forbidden magic

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